Oct 3, 2008

My Stamp Room After Pictures

Ok - I'm sure you are wondering why it's red - Originally I was going to make the room a library, with red walls, dark leather seats and walls of books.  Then I discovered that I love stamping.  The rest is history.  Eventually I will paint it neutral colors - but right now the red is very energetic!


Wendy said...

Well my dear lady this is much better,
You have lots of storage and everything is esy to see.
I love the shoe hanger over the door , what a great idea to keep all your punches, in there, you can see straight away what one you want.
mine are all in a large box, I have to rummage around to find my punches.
I mught steal that idea from you.
I am waiting for one if the boys to move out so I can turn his bed room into a craft room.
So lucky you, and I like the red


Christina said...

Very nice room. I personally love the red. And i love your card holder? Wow. great job with the cleaning and organizing!

Kathy W said...

red is about passion, tfs my room is never this neat. But I like seeing how other organize to get ideas.

Anonymous said...

Holy moly girl, you were a mess!!! I can only imagine the stir of creative juices coming alive in this room now!!! I'm sure this took some time and effort but look what you have now!!! Yeah!!
Fantastic room by the way!

Monica-FC said...

wow, you was a mess. I thought mine was a mess. i think we was a tie. now it is only me that is a messy room. lol. LOVE your room and how you have it. thanks for showing it as nowmany do do anymore.

Julie's Crafty Corner said...

Wow Anna what a great room!
Now can you keep it tidy!!!
I love the red.

Julie sbs-24

Ed said...

Fabulous craft room Anna, I love those white see through draws would be perfect for my rubber stamps :-)

Gourmet Trisha said...

Wow!!! It looks great. I can't wait to see it.