Nov 14, 2007

The Cutest Little Stamps!!

Two weeks ago I went to my local Rubber Stamp expo.  They had the same old vendors that I had seen over and over for the last 5 years, but this time there was this brand new booth... DeNami Designs ...with the cutest little images!

Ok - I have to be honest - the prices were a shock compared to the prices I have been spoiled with by my TAC unmounted stamps... For the two stamps on the Christmas Tree card it cost me $19, and the penguin stamps - again, just two stamps, cost me over $16 PLUS TAX!!
I can get whole sets of stamps with multiple images for those prices and I'd get a bonus free stamp too with TAC ... But I just HAD to have these ... here look and see why...

Nov 13, 2007

Craft Show was a Bust :(

Well - the craft show this past weekend was a bust.  It wasn't the kind of craft show I was expecting - it was actually a vendor fair - which meant that lots of different companies were there like Party Lite (who was right next to us), Homemade Gourmet, Two Sisters, Stampin' Up, The Body Shop At Home, etc. 

I was hoping that there would be more craft vendors mixed in, but no such luck.  Neither of us got any orders for stamps and after all was said and done with booth fees and sales tallied, I lost $8 plus gas to get there.  

The good thing was that I had fun with my friend Trisha hanging out at the booth all afternoon.

Here are some pics of the show:

Nov 7, 2007

Where did October go?!?!?!

Apparently I am a total slacker!!  October just got away from me!  Let's catch up...
We adopted a dog on October 9th from the local humane society - her name there was Dorito and we thought it was so cute that we kept it, but we call her Dori for short :)
I have been creating a few more things here and there for the craft show - which is this Saturday. I'll let you know how things go... hopefully I will sell out of everything!