Sep 27, 2008

Go Bananas Guest Design Team Member

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Sorry for the delay in posting the new design team member!  It has been two insane (but fun) days!

First, I would like to thank each and every one of you who participated.  Each card took a different spin on the sketch and each one was very lovely!

I had Kirby look at the entries for my guest designer and after great consideration, he chose this card:

Congratulations to Christina! 
Please drop me an e-mail at Anna at TheCreativeCastle dot com.
I need your e-mail address and your snail mail address.
The sketch will go to you on Tuesday.

I am very excited to have you as a guest designer on my team.

Anna Banana

Sep 25, 2008

The most AWESOME Blog Candy Ever!!!


Please go Here:  My Blog by Cammie to check out all the fabulous donations and the rules to enter!

Here is the card I made especially for this Blog Candy in celebration of the Caregivers for World Alzheimer's Day.  It is going in the mail tomorrow to the staff at The Artman Home.

You can't see it in the scan very well, but I created a hand braided "ribbon" in three colors of scrapper's floss and I also glittered the little guys ears with pink glitter.

Anna Banana

Sep 24, 2008

Go Bananas #12

Here is this week's Go Bananas challenge!
I lifted the idea from another of the clever make and takes that I attended in August.
I'm all out of them now so from here on out I will have to get creative and make my own!

I've said it before and I'll say it again - the one thing I really don't like about the make and takes is that I have no idea where the stamps or papers come from :(  I'd like to own both from this one!

Top Banana Anna Timm:

Top Banana Karyn Campbell:

Top Banana Laura Murphy-Ogden:

Have fun and I hope to see you all participate if you can!
Guest Design team member samples will be displayed starting with Go Bananas #14 on October 8th.

An Update

I have had a few people ask if I'm ok because I have not posted in a week. Rest assured, I am doing well!!
Thank you all for your concern - it is much appreciated!!
My good friend Karyn - and one of my SBS 24 Sisters- is coming for a visit this weekend !! WOO HOO!! Gotta love the Megabus with tickets from Ohio to IL for $8 each way!! She arrives on Friday morning and goes home Monday afternoon - so I have not had a spare moment to post since I have been whipping my house into shape :)  
She has been an excellent excuse for me to get my butt in gear and get my craft room clean and organized!

I have been getting all of the beautiful entries for the Design Team guest spot over the week - Thank you to everyone who has joined in.

You still have until 10 pm tonight to get your entry in - Kirby informed me that he won't be around tonight to look at them- has a meeting of some kind - so I will have him choose the winner on Thursday after work - and I will announce it then!!

Have a great day and I will post this week's Go Bananas Challenge later today.

Anna Banana

Sep 17, 2008

Go Bananas #11

Here is my weekly Go Bananas sketch challenge!
I hope to see all of you participate!! 

 This week I am doing something different!
This is your chance to be a guest designer for my weekly blog challenges!

Here is how you get your chance:
1. Use this weeks sketch and design a card.
Feel free to "make it your own" by adding embellishments, but please keep the card layout as the sketch shows.

2. Post a comment to my blog with a link to where I can see your creation - either your blog, web site or online gallery.  Please note that if a password is needed to access your picture I will not be able to consider you as a guest designer.  If you have no blog or gallery, send me your card via e-mail and I would be glad to consider you!

I need your entries by next week Wednesday at 10 pm CST.

3. I will have my hubby look at all the cards and whichever one he likes the best will be the guest designer!

The PERKS!  
I will send you 4 sketches for weeks 14-17.  This post is week 11 and I will send you the sketches on week 12, so that still gives you some time to work on the first card for week 14.

I will feature you as a guest designer for a month on my blog with a link to your blog featured on my sidebar.

I will also send you a little goodie package as a thank you for being on my design team.

Here is this week's sketch:

Go Bananas #11 Design Team Samples

Go Bananas Design Team - Karyn:

Go Bananas Design Team - Anna Banana:

I just LOVE this little cat!!  I wish I knew where it was from!  I made this card at a make and take last month and it is just so cute!!  I had to do a close up of the little guy and show you that he is, in fact, glittered!

This is one of the cards i will be giving Kirby for his Birthday:)

Sep 15, 2008

Monday Madness

Well - it has taken me all day and I have finally gotten a break to post!

I am known in some circles as "The Glitter Queen"... mostly it is because I like to use glitter on everything.  Only my friend Karyn has seen my stash - and now, so will all of you!

Be impressed :

And that's not even all of it - I have a total of 67 jars of glitter - the ones you don't see are in containers that are oddly shaped and aren't on the table!
Oh - and each of these containers holds 4oz!
Anna Banana

Sep 11, 2008

Thursday Things

Hey There,

Today for my Thursday Things I have to share this adorable card that I made for my upcoming wedding anniversary (Oct 21).  I know I'm really early, but since my hubby doesn't look at my blog, and it's just too cute, I had to share today!

I got the mouse stamp from my friend Karyn!
The hearts are from two different mini clear stamp sets.
The words "Falling for you" are from a fall scarecrow clear stamp set and just fit so perfectly here!!
I used Prima flowers and some sticky back gemstone embellishments.
The ribbon is from Big Lots - it was bulk in their craft section.

The card stock is all from my scrap basket and the green was run through my cuttlebug with the paisley embossing folder.

Have a great afternoon!
Anna Banana

Sep 10, 2008

Go Bananas #10

Go Bananas Sketch
Anna Banana's card:
Karyn's card:
Laura's Card:

There has been a change!  The Go Bananas Challenge will move to Wednesday, since I could never get it posted on Tuesday!

I hope you participate, and if you do, post to me and let me know and I'll post your card on my page too!

Anna Banana

Sep 8, 2008

Monday Madness

It's a bit crazy today, and I think the card says it all - better late than never - I'm off again - see ya later!

Sep 5, 2008

Friday Free For All

Well - Here is the card I gave when I gifted the Hideous Chicken last week - surprisingly, there are no chickens on it!!  Go figure!

I'm making this short cause I am starvin' and need to go get lunch - I used SU stamps, scraps of paper from my scrap basket, a tag from the office supply store, misc beads from a "bucket of beads", a scrap of ribbon I colored with my ink pad, I ran some paper thru my cuttlebug with the houndstooth pattern and I colored the image with my prismacolor pencils.  Oh - and my ink pads are palette inks!

Anyhow - I hope you are all having a good Friday!
Anna Banana

Sep 4, 2008

Go Bananas #9

Well - I have had a terrible time getting myself to get the Go Bananas challenge up this week.  I was thrown off by the short week and wasn't able to create a single thing the whole weekend :(
Then I had a horrible headache brought on by the weather, but I went to my craft room and took the challenge anyway!

I don't know that I actually like my card - chalk it up to the headache or whatever, but I'm not sure the leafy vellum works with the cuttlebug embossed paper.  I colored the scarecrow with my aquacolor crayons and a water pen, and I did a little hand doodling around the oval.  Not sure I like that either. 
Anna's Card:

Thanks to my design team - Karyn Campbell and Laura Murphy Ogden - for their great samples!

Karyn's Card:

Laura's Card:

Sep 3, 2008

Faux Silk Tutorial

I can take absolutely NO credit for this tutorial.  I was taught how to do it at a stamp class and my SU gal got it from Splitcoast, so the easiest, best way to show this to you (Since Monica asked for the tutorial last week) is to link you directly to the page over at Splitcoast Stampers.

If you decide to try it, I'd love to see what you do, so leave me a comment with a link and I'll go check it out!!

Anna Banana

Sep 2, 2008

Weekend stuff

Go Bananas Challenge:
I guess I should just make the challenge on Wednesdays since it always seems to get pushed back a day!
Anyway, I will have the challenge up tomorrow along with the Design Team samples.

Hideous Chicken:
This weekend was the housewarming and we delivered the Hideous Chicken (see earlier post for more details). 

Julie actually claims that she likes it!!  We ended up telling her that it was a gag gift, but she said that she liked everything about it... except that it was a rooster.

We will see if it gets re-gifted to me at Christmas :)  HAHAHA!!

Contest Winner!
I created a card as an entry in the home page contest for a group that I am in - and I won!!  ... 
But I was the only one who entered!  Oh well - I still like the card!
The theme was "Fall Foliage".
Here it is:

Anna Banana

Sep 1, 2008

Monday Madness

Happy Labor Day!
My card today has nothing to do with this holiday, but it technically is a holiday card!!

I just couldn't wait for November to roll around to post this card.
I love how the tree is bent - the pattern was for a straight tree, but I needed to give it some character!  Reminds me of something I would find in Who-ville :)

Anna Banana