Sep 2, 2008

Weekend stuff

Go Bananas Challenge:
I guess I should just make the challenge on Wednesdays since it always seems to get pushed back a day!
Anyway, I will have the challenge up tomorrow along with the Design Team samples.

Hideous Chicken:
This weekend was the housewarming and we delivered the Hideous Chicken (see earlier post for more details). 

Julie actually claims that she likes it!!  We ended up telling her that it was a gag gift, but she said that she liked everything about it... except that it was a rooster.

We will see if it gets re-gifted to me at Christmas :)  HAHAHA!!

Contest Winner!
I created a card as an entry in the home page contest for a group that I am in - and I won!!  ... 
But I was the only one who entered!  Oh well - I still like the card!
The theme was "Fall Foliage".
Here it is:

Anna Banana


Kathy W said...

who cares you were only one entered, I agree it is a great card, love the touches of the leaves.

Julie's Crafty Corner said...

Great card Anna! Love the leaves.

Julie sbs-24