Jul 9, 2009

Willy the Worm

I got this image from Victoria at Victoria Case Designs - I can't tell you how much I love her art - it's so darned cute to me!!

Anyhow - I got Willy a while back and then my printer went tots up, so I couldn't use ANY digital images I had.

Well, I finally have a new printer, AND my creativity dial has been re-set to the ON position, so I was ready to go!!

I coloured (that's for my European friends) up Willy and his pretty flowers with my Prismacolor Pencils and I cut him out.
Then I mounted him on a scrap of yellow paper (no - I am pretty sure I will never use all those scraps up). The yellow piece is on a thin pop dot on top of the splat background.

I made the splat background paper using pink, blue and green bingo markers.
~You spray the tops of the inky daubers with water and slam them down on your paper and Voila! a splat of color! Wear an apron - I get overzealous and my daubers are extra juicy with all the water I spray on them so the splat shoots out extra far!~

My background wasn't drying fast enough (all that water I use) so I grabbed my heat gun - still not fast enough, so I grabbed a tissue and blotted the color!! I am sure it would have been more vibrant if I would have been more patient ... but I wasn't.

Then the blue card background looked too plain, so I grabbed my ruler and my paint pen and made some faux stitches. Too bad I was not feeling like measuring them all out evenly, but I like how it turned out anyway.

I tied it all together with some prima flowers and rhinestones and a piece of green ribbon with Actual stitching on it. Not bad for an hour.

Then for the final bit, I glittered the centers of all of the flowers.

I photographed it in my basement on a piece of white paper and thought that was under-whelming, but you could see the glitter sparkle really well, and so I took it outside and tried to get artsy with it and I put it on my lilies that are growing in my front yard, but with the busy splats it's almost too much, but I thought I would share both!!

Anna Banana


Christina said...

He's really really cute!

Monica-FC said...

he is so cute as i love the image plus i love your background.

kc_froglady said...

I love how your background turned out! Great job and Willy is indeed a cutie :)

Little Miss Sparkle said...

He IS cute!..I might have to give that splat technique a try...too cool! :)

Kathy W said...

love the splat background- very fun

Tamerie Shriver said...

Willie is very cute!