Jul 30, 2009

Good Deal!!

So I needed to get some sympathy stamps because we just got word of the 6th funeral for our family/friends since May and I ran out of pre-made cards.

Well, I picked up my stamps and then wandered down the clearance isle at Michael's.
I came across these two Martha Stewart paper packs:

So I couldn't pass up the paper pack with the lady bugs in it ... just too cute, and the other pack has a lot of neutral papers that can be for guys or girls. I wouldn't have bothered to get it, except for the price!!

Look closely at that price sticker ... here it is up close:

... yes, you ARE reading it right - Originally $19.99, reduced to $9.99 and further reduced to $2.49!! If they would have had more, I would have gotten them!!

That's my Unbelievable Purchase for the week!
Anna Banana


Kathy W said...

whoo hoo of deal!

kc_froglady said...

HOLY COW that is an awesome deal! I would of jumped on it too!

Monica-FC said...

wow, girl, what a great deal on the paper. i can see why you could have gotten more if they had more of it., i would have also at that price.good job .

Christina said...

WOW and I thought I got good deals this week.

Anonymous said...

that is a fantastic deal!!! Looks like I might have to go to michaels, just in case they're doing that here!!