Jul 27, 2009

Addition to my studio

Hello everybody!
I added a new way of displaying my cards in my studio!!
I put up hooks and I strung some clothes line across...and then I used clothespins to attach the cards ... like they are hung out to dry!
The second area is on the slopped ceiling and I am planning to add some more line on the slope to be able to display even more of my cards.

Let me know what you think!!
Anna Banana


Tamerie Shriver said...

Great idea! They look great and you can see them. I have the hardest time displaying all the goodies I've received and/or made. There is only so much space but your solution is genius! Maybe I'll try it. Thanks for the inspiration.

Shelly Koskinen said...

That is a great way to display your cards!

kc_froglady said...

I love how it looks above the shelf and on the slope too cause then you can look right up to see them while you are working :)

Diana Evans said...

looks wonderful Anna!!!

June said...

Sooo good an idea. love your blog
hugs june x

Monica-FC said...

how neat and look at the creative ideas at that. in case you get into a slump you can see and get all sorts of ideas at hand.

Kathy W said...

very clever!