Jun 17, 2009

A Birthday Celebration


Today is my friend Dawn's birthday!  We celebrated with her and her hubby on Friday and I baked a cake ... a giant Cupcake Cake!!  The "cherry" on top is an apple ornament - because she is a HUGE Twilight fan!
It started out really well, and survived the candles.  We set it aside to go have dinner and when we got back it was the Leaning Cupcake!
The raspberry filling I used settled to the bottom of the cake when I flipped it over and it squished over to the side!
It was really yummy none-the-less!!

Anna Banana


Christina said...

it looks great a lot of fun!

Kathy W said...

wowzers that is some cake

Monica-FC said...

I love this. how it lights up and everything. you did good on it.