May 7, 2009

Rubber Stamp and Scrapbook Expo - Milwaukee

Last weekend I attended the Rubber Stamp and Scrapbook Expo in Waukesha, WI (Near Mlwaukee).  
It was at a new location this year with vendors in three rooms - this is the biggest the expo has ever been. It was a lot of the same people I have seen before, but there were some new ones that made the raised admission totally worth it!

This year there was a new company to me called Bugawumps out of Northbrook, IL.  Hey - That's pretty close to me - I need to see if they have a local retail location!!  Anyhow, the cranky bird, the flip flops and the Rum stamp were all from them - pretty reasonable and they had a lot of really cute stuff that I had not seen before. (Images blurred to protect their copyright (and my butt)).

I got 6 sheets of cling foam for $3.50 a sheet!!  That was the best deal at the show (Found at Stamping Sensations) and I was in need of some!

There was a fantastic place called Scrap-A-Holic that sold Magnolias!! (See her blog for info on the stamps). Two tables full of them in baskets and boxes!!  It was SoOOOOooooo Hard to choose!  They were running a show special - buy 4 get 1 free, so I got 4 magnolias and the little bench for my sitting Magnolia with a Crown to sit on for free!!  WOO HOO! Nothing beats Free!

Then there was the spot I stopped at first - it was Eye-Lets Etc. and they only took cash unless you spent a certain dollar amount (I only had $10 cash, so it was really good that I went there first).  They had the fantastic tie-dye flowers!
I just HAD to have them and now I wanna hoard them and not use them, but I promise I won't!
Maybe I'll use them with the Magnolias!

My last stop of the day was Whippersnapper. They always have tubs and tubs of unmounted rubber stamps to wade through. They used to put them in a plastic kiddy pool, but there wasn't enough room in the pool for all the stamps the last few years!  No joke, there were at LEAST 16 tubs of unmounted stamps. Nothing in any order, but it's so much fun to dig through!!
I smelled like rubber when I left from being elbow deep in bins for two hours!
I only chose 24 stamps this time around, but at $1 each it's such a deal!!  No matter what size just $1 !!!  WOO HOO!!

So all in all I spent about $90, had a good day and found some new vendors!
I'd call that a SUCCESS!

Anna Banana


kc_froglady said...

Oh I am bummed now...I went to ours in Akron the weekend before and the only good thing was seeing my card on the Seaside Stampin Ink board. I have a list of stamps I want from Bugawumps too would of loved to have seen them!

pout face on now....

Christina said...

You made out. Love the flowers.

Paula K said...

I agree with Christina - nice job! I've always wanted to go to a scrapbook show, but I don't have the time to dedicate to it =0( But I am now living vicariously through you! Keep these posts coming!

Kathy W said...

ohhh what fun stuff can't wait to see what you do with it!

Ceal said...

I would definitely say success!

R J said...

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