Mar 3, 2009

DT Submissions - The Greeting Farm

Well - I tried out for The Greeting Farm's Design team call and I didn't make it in this round.  They will have another call in 3 months and I will surely give it another go at that time!
Here are the cards I did for this call...

You have seen this card before - I put a little more bling on it, made sure it was centered and submitted it.  I really love the card in person - it is very rich looking and the rhinestones give it a nice pop.

You are not going to believe this, but this card took me over 5 hours to make.  I did a 6x6 card, which I usually don't do, to give the image more room on the card - they are 3x3, so they are a little bigger than the images I usually work with.
Well - I got her on there all colored and pretty and then there was so much empty space I had no idea what to do with it!!
Literally the middle of the night, I finally finished.  When I woke up in the morning, I took a look at what I had struggles with for so long.  I liked it, but thought to myself - NO WAY!!  This looks like a 45 minute card, not a 5 hour card!!  Oh well.

This is my favorite of the three.  I LOVE her blue hair - I rarely ever go outside of blond, red or brown hair for my creations.  I will have to play with "anime" hair more often - it's a lot of fun.
I loved the way her hair and outfit ties in with the patterned papers and flower embellishments. I really like the way i was able to shade her skin, too - I'm really happy with this one!

Any thoughts or suggestions on how to improve ANY of these cards would be greatly appreciated - I really wanna up my game so I can get in on the next DT call!
Anna Banana


Christina said...

I love those stamps and look forward to ordering me some soon. I like the cards but the only real thing I can think of adding as far as Dt goes would be more layers or flowers.

Anna Banana said...

Thanks for the suggestion - much appreciated!

Tammi said...

Sorry Anna, hope you make it next time!! I think the blue-haired one is my favorite too, all super cute cards!

Shelly Koskinen said...

All of these are very cute!

Shelly Koskinen said...

All of these are very cute!