Aug 20, 2008

Wednesday WOW!

I never did get up and Christmas in July cards last month, but here is one that I made that I think is rather cute!!
I got the stamp at my LSS (Local Stamp Store) in their recycled stamp section... where you can bring your stamps, old tools and other items that you are not using and sell them off to someone else who can use them!  This one was in a bin for under $3 and I could not pass it up!

You can't really tell, but I used the crystal glaze on the lamp so it shines and really looks like glass is on it!

Anna Banana


Monica-FC said...

that is a cute stamp. I liike that one also and i cans ee why you bought it. that made a gorgeous card/

Chrissy said...

this is a cute christmas card. I love it! Very nice!

kc_froglady said...

looks good :) I am starting my cards now too - been stamping and coloring images - need to get some Christmas paper!