Aug 21, 2008

Thursday Things

Hello Everyone!

Here it is, Thursday again, and I have a rather odd post for you to enjoy!

My DH is a bit weird - as is his family - loveable weird,  NOT creepy weird.

Here is an example of their brand of weird.
I was invited to Christmas Eve dinner with them. 
Remember that this was my first Christmas Eve Ever with them and my DH and we had only been dating for a month at this point.  
After dinner and presents, his mom breaks out the flarp!  If you don't know what Flarp is, it's a putty/goo-like substance in a plastic jar, that when you press your fingers in it, will cause a farting sound!
Now I am totally cool with potty humor, I have a brother, so I (along with everyone at the house) was laughing hysterically after the first 10 minutes, but that was my first Christmas Eve with them and I wasn't even part of the family at that point!

So my DH's Aunt and her Fiancee just bought a house together.  Naturally we want to give them a special, unique housewarming gift.

We came across this night-light lamp at a little boutique in one of those quaint towns lined with shops, boutiques and antique stores and we knew instantly that it was going to be the perfect gift for them!

Here it is lit, with the other lights in the room on:

We call it the "hideous chicken". 
(Yes, we know it's a rooster, but Chicken sounds funnier.)

It's sitting on my living room book shelf and it's actually growing on me - which is scary in itself. I need to box it up before I can't bear to part with it!!! HAHAHA!

But what is even more scary, is that when you turn all the lights off, it transforms into:

 "The Evil Hideous Chicken!!!"

See the satan-red glowing eyes and the evil red aura it casts?

It will probably end up in the guest room where we will be staying, leering at us whenever we visit!

Anna Banana


kc_froglady said...

OMGosh this is hysterical!

Monica-FC said...

oh wow, I don't even know what to think about that chicken and i love them and collect myself. lol. one would have to have a good sense of humor wouldn't they?? lol.