Jul 17, 2008

Thursday Things

Well, here is my first "things" post.
I have been a little obsessed with the VW Beetle since Memorial Day Weekend.
My husband brought home the prettiest little yellow one for a long weekend test drive, and due to a little indecision we missed out on getting it by 5 minutes.  Well, ever since then I have been lamenting the loss of Daisy (it's tradition among VW owners to name their bug), and he promised me that when the new TDI Diesel models come out, I could get one!  WOO HOO!!!

I am a bit eccentric, for those of you who don't know me, and I have decided that I want a pink beetle.  Not pink like the Mary Kay cards, but hot bright bubble gum pink!

I have ordered a few stamp sets with VW Beetles in them lately and here is the first one that I have had a chance to ink up and color in.

You will see a few more as I get them in!

Anna Banana

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