Feb 5, 2008

Directions for the Heart Card

Monica requested some directions for the heart card. so I thought that maybe some more of you would like them as well.

Here is how I did it:

1. I found some scrolly clip art in Corel Draw and fiddled around with it for several hours to make the main image on the hearts plus the images on the edges of the hearts.  (That was the hardest part as I had to manipulate a LOT of pieces to make the images and then carefully color each one on the computer).

2. Create a heart shape and place the clip art images on it and give the heart a solid background color.

3. Create a border for the bottom, made out of the clip art from the hearts, and choose a font for "love you".

4. Print out the hearts and border on hi-quality glossy paper.

5.  Make a white card base and put a base patterned blue paper on the card.

6. Cut out all the printed pieces and lay out on the card.  Starting with the largest layer flat against the patterned paper, layer upward,  putting a pop dot on each layer after stacking on TOP of the layer before it.  Support the top (smallest) heart with pop dots that reach the base of the card from the point of the heart.  In this case there were 3 dots stacked on top of each other.

7. Place the banner at the bottom of the card using 1 pop dot thickness so it's not flat against the card, but weaves in with the points of the hearts.

8. Hand deliver this card ... it would get smashed in the mail unless it was mailed in a sturdy box where it can't get crushed.

*NOTE*  You can create a similar card using either die cut hearts from a series of stackable dies or hand cutting hearts if you are not crafty with your computer.  To decorate, you can rubber stamp images on them and hand color with pencils, markers or other mediums.

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