Nov 7, 2007

Where did October go?!?!?!

Apparently I am a total slacker!!  October just got away from me!  Let's catch up...
We adopted a dog on October 9th from the local humane society - her name there was Dorito and we thought it was so cute that we kept it, but we call her Dori for short :)
I have been creating a few more things here and there for the craft show - which is this Saturday. I'll let you know how things go... hopefully I will sell out of everything!


Monica-FC said...

Dori is so cute. let me know how the craft show goes. and if you sell everything.

Anna said...

Thanks Monica! I'll be sure to post about it on Monday :)
I might have pics too - we will see!

Allie Gower - Crafternoons said...

DORI is a CUTIE. I hope you all have lots and lots of FUN together.

Awww, puppy love. How sweet!