Mar 30, 2009

Spring In Racine, WI

On Thursday night, March 26th, I was driving home from meeting a friend, and I opened my window while going 55 on a 4 lane highway and snapped this shot of a beautiful sunset!
You can see in h picture that there is a frozen strip of water, which was a drainage ditch, so it was still cold, but the grass was starting to look a little more yellow than brown and the trees all had buds starting on them.

Then Saturday night, March 28th, a storm system rolled through and lasted until Sunday Afternoon.
We were in Madison visiting family, and thankfully we stayed the night because the roads were terrible!!
From a beautiful sunset to this white stuff that is only welcome from Thanksgiving until New years Day in my book!!

It stuck to the trees - it was really wet and heavy.

What a pretty scene in my back yard - if it were DECEMBER!!!
Yep - that pine tree just needs some lights and an angel on top!!

It snowed so much that we were not able to get up our driveway. Thankfully our neighbor, Bill (at the far right of the picture). let us park in his cleared driveway and then came over with his snow blower and helped Kirby dig out!!  After the men did the heavy clearing they went to three other neighbor's driveways and cleared them out.  I followed up with a shovel clearing the small stuff so if the temps dropped it wouldn't freeze into patches of ice.  It was just too heavy to lift and I didn't want to injure my back.

I thought March was supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb ... Somebody needs to tell Mother Nature that she is all mixed up and to get it right!!

Anna Banana


Tamerie Shriver said...

I so do NOT miss living in Chicago.

Kathy W said...

wow, New England can be bad but this is crazy- hoping for some warmer days soon!

kc_froglady said...

YUK! I am glad I did not come there this month to see you LOL - well only cause the weather you know! I do hope Mother Nature get's it together though in April/May so it is nice when I get there!

Christina said...

Beautiful to look at crappy to shovel. Great pics though!

Chrissy D said...

Ack! I came home to this from Iowa on Sunday - the pictures are great! I am glad everything is melting quickly though! :)