Mar 23, 2009

Another card re-do

I had been staring at this card since I created it for a DT call that I missed.  It was sitting on my table and every time I went to make something I had to move it.  So I got to thinking - why have i not put this away yet? Is there something wrong with the original card? No - nothing's wrong with it, but I thought "what if I changed it up - could I make it better/prettier/more interesting?"  The answer is YES!

Here is the first card:
It's pretty. clean and simple...layered papers, punches, flower, glitter...the whole shebang ... but there is no Ahhhhh factor ... I want the Ahhhh!

Here is what I did after looking at it for 2 weeks:

First thing I did was pop off that red flower.  It fit with the paper and the hearts, but it just wasn't quite right.
Then I added more depth of color to her hair giving her shading and highlights to create some interest.
I inked the edge of the pink card base and also the edge of the punched makes it stand out more against the striped paper.
I took some blue ink and distressed the pink chipboard piece so you can see the de-bossed text on it.

I added a blue flower that had a white center and I took some chalk and made it match the color of the base cardstock to tie it in better.

I then blended the colors better with my OMS and stumps on the angel's clothes so they looked really smooth and finished.

Then as a final step, I chalked the cardstock that the angel is stamped on with a brighter pink to make it pop off the cardstock background and I hand doodled in black around the edges to frame her better.

I think overall I am happier now that I spent a little more time on the card.  Now I have the Ahhhh!!

This is a close up of the coloring and doodle detail:

Anna Banana


kc_froglady said...

this is great Anna! I love the way you edged and doodled. The hair looks wonderful - I have a problem with the blonds too not sure always what is best t highlight and give depth with color wise. I really like this!

Christina said...

I love the changes. It looks great!

Kathy W said...

great changes, good ideas for others to take away with them!