Feb 20, 2009

Way too long!

I can't believe it has been so long since my last post - I have been sick this whole time and I still have a hacking cough...hopefully that will be gone soon - this is getting old!

I DID make some Valentines items that I never got to posting, so they will come late ... but better late than never... right?

This first one is the card I made my husband.  We always blow kisses to each other when we walk out the door.  The inside says "Muah...whooh!" (sound of blowing a kiss).
He loved it when he opened it :)

I am trying to get a good pic of the altered mailbox I made ... I'll post that later if I can get it to photograph clearly.

Anna Banana


Wendy said...

A lovely card Anna, hope your cough goes and you are back to normal soon

Kathy W said...

glad you are better, super fun card-tfs

Christina said...

So sweet get well soon