Feb 9, 2009

No new projects, but Prayers needed

I apologize to all of you for not having something pretty and new to post for you!
I was so busy all weekend that I didn't even get a chance to walk into my craft room, let alone sit down and make something.  I'm hoping, if I can shake this cold or sinus infection or whatever I seem to be getting, I will be able to go up tonight and make some pretties to share with you all!

Also - if any of you are praying people, Kirby, my husband, could use some prayers.  We were roller skating last night and about 15 min before the session was over, he was doing fine and all of a sudden his wheels went out from under his feet and he landed flat on his lower back.  It happened so fast that he doesn't know what happened. He is in a lot of pain and we are going to the chiropractor today.
Thanks for prayers, well wishes and good thoughts - the more the better.


Denise said...

Oh Kirby I feel for you My prayers are going out

kc_froglady said...

oh no.....Kirby I hope Anna is rubbing your ouchie for you :) Sending you good vibes to be back on your feet and moving well again soon!