Jan 27, 2009

The View From My Studio

Well - it's no wonder I haven't felt much like crafting lately - despite me being busy it's hard to drag myself upstairs when I have this to look at!  Yes - that is snow on top of the garage which is creeping up my window.

If you like snow, I'm happy for you - enjoy the picture :) ... but I'm currently trying to figure out how to make that view turn into the Ocean and Palm Trees and Warm Sandy Beaches!!

Well -I better get crafting or there won't be any posts tomorrow!!
Anna Banana


Ed said...

How can a view like that with all those wonderful trees not inspire you - not so much the snow, but surely the birdsong and the beautiful sunlight sifting through the trees - if it's so unappealing - why not put a blind up at the window, and paint your palm trees and sandy beach on it !!

Anna Banana said...

Hey Ed,
The trees are a good inspiration especially in spring when they are LOADED with birds and critters!
But usually I'm up there at night and all I see is the white creeping up the window :)
If I ever get the room painted (It's red and I'm thinking of going baby blue) I'll get the shade and paint it - that is a good idea!! Right now tho, unless the shade is up, it reflects the room too much and all is pink hehehe :)

Plus it's snowing again and I just needed to vent my complaint :)

Kathy W said...

I like crafting when I feel cooped up inside- all cozy! Maybe you could get a curtain with tropical scene!

Anna said...

Wow! You do have a lot of snow! Yikes! Not sure I would want that much snow!

Anonymous said...

Great view!

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kc_froglady said...

yeah I can see the motivational problem - looks similar to my view :(

Tammi said...

Wowza, I love snow, pretty picture!! But hey, if you figure out how to turn that view into the ocean, palm trees and a warm sandy beach, let me know! ;) I'd LOVE to be there right now.

Helena said...

Snow is forecast for Sunday/Monday where I live. Luckily I bought some boots in a sale this week, 2/3 the usual price and they fit perfectly. At last! I have footwear that doesn't leak! LOL!