Jan 8, 2009


I printed a few of those Hobby Lobby coupons for 40% off  from their web site and I got these:

Sorry to toot my own horn, but YAY ME!!
I couldn't pass them up!! See the price ... that isn't what I paid - I got $10 off EACH of them!!  WOO HOO!!!  And No Shipping!  With tax it came to $15.75. I just convinced one of my friends to come with and buy the one set for me (with my money, of course) 'cause it's one coupon per person per day.
I got the last of the hearts too!
I am now ready to go make some purdy Valentines cards....

I'm pleased as punch! (no pun intended)
Anna Banana


Christina said...

cool deal

kc_froglady said...

oh you are sooooo lucky! I don't have the hearts and they would be very cool for this time of year!