Nov 13, 2008

For my Friends and followers

Please don't fret about me - I was terribly sick last week and am still not well - I went to the doctor again today and they say that this ear and throat thing may be a virus.  They gave me a perscription for some doozy antibiotics (they were $85 AFTER the insurance covered part of them!) and hopefully that will set me right again.

With this being sick and getting ready for my trip to Australia, I am going to put the Go Bananas challenges on hold.  They may not start up again until after Christmas, as I am fantastically busy.

It all starts this weekend with a 50th birthday party and my sister's baby shower.  Then I leave for Australia. I will get back from my trip, and the next day I have a recording session with my choir to make our holiday CD so we can sell them at the concerts.  The following weekend is our choir concert - two nights plus dress rehearsals.  Our 8th wedding anniversary on the 15th, my 37th birthday on the 21st, we have to go to visit both our families for Christmas and then whatever plans we may end up with for New Years Eve.  

That does not include the work parties, friends wanting to get together and other family obligations!!  Plus I have 3 friends with birthdays in December!  
Looks like I will need another vacation when December is over ... Maybe I will just stay in Australia until January and save myself from all this! :D

I'll post what I can when I can if I even have a spare moment to create anything!
Anna Banana


Chrissy D said...

Anna- you have been in my thoughts and prayers! Let me know when you get home!!! Feel better soon and have a WONDERFUL trip!

Christina said...

Busy busy , but it will be a great ho;iday season!

Kathy W said...

sorry to hear about you being sick, hope it turns around for you with new meds. So jealous about your trip to Australia-sounds grand!

Leona said...

Im jealous about your trip anna.... but sorry to hear you havent been to well hope your getting better hugs leona x x

Shelly Koskinen said...

I hope that you feel better for your busy week. Have fun in Australia.

Sally said...

Hope you are feeling better. This time of year is always busy - never enough time to get all done that you need to!!