Oct 31, 2008


This is part of a fragrance carton that I created for Hot Topic a few years ago.  I scanned in the carton and I added the Happy Halloween for just today :)
By day I design perfume cartons and bottle art for a company based out of Chicago!
Anna Banana


kc_froglady said...

Happy Halloween to you also :)

Ed said...

Thanks Anna, and to you xx

Christina said...

LOL awsome hope you had fun!

Christine (Craftling) said...

Hi, Anna.. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments. Bless you!

The thistle stamp you liked is by Fred Mullett, and I bought it from your side of the pond.. an American seller on Ebay, funnily enough! ;o)

HERE is a link to a current listing of theirs for the small version of the stamp.. (Don't know if they have the large one currently available, but they're very friendly.. drop them a note! :o)

Best wishes,
Chris xx

Chrissy D said...

Ohhh cool packaging! It was so nice to meet you! I hope we can get together soon! TFS!