Oct 10, 2008

Being Tagged

Hey there everyone!
I have been tagged or awarded friendship awards etc over the past month or so.
Quite frankly I'm just too busy to "follow the rules" and tag others, so I really won't participate, but I did want to share some Random Facts  about me - most of them ask for 7 or so, so here I go:

1. I think I was born in the wrong century - I am a really big Elizabethan Renaissance lover - I have most all of the movies and lots of the books and I do Renaissance reacting - heck, my DH and I had a Renaissance Wedding!!

2. I love the ocean - So much so that my long term goal is to get a house in CA or FL on the beach - there is nothing more soothing than the sound of the waves to me.

3.  Fall is my favorite season - the smell of burning leaves can't be beat!

4. Pink is my favorite color.

5.  I am a princess and I can be seen frequently wearing one of my many tiaras ... Friday is Tiara day.  I wear them out too, not just around the house.

6. I frequently wear pig tails, and I am 36 years old :)  

7. I fell in love with my DH at first sight.

8. I was training to be an Opera singer when I was younger

So there are a few things about me:)
Happy Friday!
Anna Banana


Leona said...

wow what a lovely wedding you had and a tiara hee hee how cute especially with piggy tails!

Leona x

Kerry D-C said...

How cool!!! I would have loved to attended your wedding! If I told my DH that I wanted him to wear armor he would have called the wedding off!