Jul 1, 2008

Go Bananas #1

This is going to be a weekly challenge.  I thought I would post my first challenge on the first on the month to start things out right.

I have gotten together a "bunch" of designers who have my "Top Banana" seal of authenticy!
These talented ladies have graciously agreed to create some samples with me for my Go Bananas challenges.

I am hoping that these challenges will take us all our of our little boxes and expand our minds to the possibility that going bananas every so often can
 get the creative juices flowing!!

In the future I hope to offer a-peal-ing blog goodies but that will be down the road.

I would love it if you posted your submissions in the comments with a link back to your sight so I can see what you were inspired to do.

I am working on getting a slideshow for displaying everyone's creations, but it's proving a bit more difficult than I had thought it would be.  I blame it on my Mac.

Happy creating everyone and GO BANANAS!!

Anna Banana

Top Banana: Anna Timm

Top Banana: Karyn Campbell


Farmerswife said...

okay I am going to try this one...if it works out the way I want it to...I will let you know...teehee


Monica-FC said...

ok, I did this sketch and it is up on my blog. http://Monica-FC.blogspot.com instead of the oval like on the picture i used a couple of tags in its place instead. :) way different. plus the theme also. lol.