May 16, 2008

What to do with toilet paper roll tubes...

I started saving these a while ago trying to think of something clever to do with them.
I got some wallpaper from a wallpaper sample book and glued it around the outside of the tube (you could use patterned paper too). Then after that was dry I punched two holes opposite each other on one end.  I strung a wide ribbon up though the inside of the tube and out the punched holes.  I filled a cellophane bag with chocolates and put the bag inside the tube with the ribbon supporting the bag from the bottom so it wouldn't fall out.
I tied the top of the ribbon in a knot so it would hang from a doorknob and Voila!  Cute gift!
Can also be done up in a winter/Christmas design and hung as a special treat holder on the branch of a Christmas Tree.

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