Oct 1, 2007

Unexpected finds

Have you ever been really, really pleased with a purchase you made?
You got a deal, found something you really loved and maybe even something you didn't know you would be so excited about?

Well, that's exactly what happened to me yesterday!

I stopped at my local Good Will to see what kind of halloween decorations they had.  There, on the shelf, was this ADORABLE pumpkin cookie Jar and the cat and Frankenstein covered candy dishes!!  Of course, I fell in love with them right away and put them in my cart and continued shopping.
I got some Lime Green Fairy wings for myself and a few crafty things to alter.
At the last minute I decided that I didn't need the cat and Frank so I put them back. (That was dumb)
As you can see, I got home, put cookies in the jar, promptly left and went straight back to get the cat and Frank to complete the set!

I picked up the wooden words at Michael's in their dollar bin and they look so cute just stacked on top of each other.

Now for the best part:  The Pumpkin was $6.99 and each of the other jars was $0.99!!  PLUS I had a 25% off Coupon - Bwahahaha!
You just can't beat that!

I'm Tickled Pink with my very first cookie Jar EVER!

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Monica-FC said...

you saved alot. now aren't glad you wnet back for the resta??